Hunting Requirements

There is no closed season on hog hunting in Texas.  You do however need a valid Texas hunting license.  We also have a minimum caliber requirement of .223 or larger.  Hunters are required to shoot at our range prior to hunt.  Please visit our policy page to review our terms and conditions.


What You Will Need

You will need to bring your valid Texas hunting license (you may also buy at the lodge), weapon and ammunition (gun rental is available at the lodge), insect repellent, waterproof hunting boots, appropriate clothing and a cooler to take meat (meat processing and taxidermy are available with Scendero Outfitters LLC)

Sounder of Hogs
Hog Feeding

Day Hunting

We hunt for hogs out of blinds over feeders.  This gives our hunters the best opportunity for a steady and ethical shot. 

The standard of excellence in hunting.

Wild Hog Hunting Options

Young Boar

Wild Boar Hunting Facts

Wild hogs are prolific breeders and excellent table fare.  Hog hunts in Texas with Scendero Outfitters LLC is an excellent opportunity to bag a hog.  Hog hunting is done all year.

Night Hunting

Wild hogs are one of the few species legally hunted at night in Texas.  We have high quality thermal optics set up on AR platform rifles.

Giant Boar Hog

Hog Hunts in Texas

Wild hog hunting in Texas is not only a fun and exciting way to fill your freezer with quality meat, it is also helping to eliminate the threat to health and farm land in the state. Wild hogs are thriving in Texas and do countless amounts of damage to Texas property and farm land. Wild boar are hunted all year at Scendero Outfitters LLC, no closed season.  Check out our price list page for hunting cost and options.