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Alligator hunting has become increasingly more popular recently.  Mostly due to reality television.  We at Scendero Outfitters LLC want you to experience it first hand!  There may not be more of an exhilarating hunt than alligator.  Check out our price list page for hunting cost and options.

Alligator Hunting Facts

Alligator Hunting Options

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Alligator hunts in Texas with Scendero Outfitters LLC is rewarding and exciting.  Alligator meat is a delicacy and the hide makes a great trophy.  Alligator hunting is a rush best experienced in person, not on TV.

Alligator Hunts In Texas With Scendero Outfitters LLC

Giant Alligator

Air Boat

The majority of our alligator hunting is done out of an airboat on hook and line sets.


If you desire we can also hunt on areas where a boat is not required.  Hook and bait sets are also used.

Hunting Requirements

The season for alligator in Texas runs September 10, 2018 through September 30, 2018.  You will need a valid Texas hunting license.   Hunters are required to shoot at our range prior to hunt.  Please visit our policy page to review our terms and conditions.


What You Will Need

You will need to bring your valid Texas hunting license (you may also buy at the lodge), weapon and ammunition (gun rental is available at the lodge), insect repellent, waterproof hunting boots, appropriate clothing and a cooler to take meat (meat processing and taxidermy are available with Scendero Outfitters LLC)